Photo expedition and nature cruise aboard the M/N Forrest.

You will navigate through fjords and channels visited by prominent sailors from the 16th to the 19th centuries, such as Magellan or Fitz Roy, admiring gigantic glaciers descending from the high peaks of the Darwin mountain range, surrounded by waterfalls and temperate native forests still untouched by man.

You will have many opportunities to photograph certain flora species such as the southern beech forests (Nothofagus), the rare Guaitecas cypresses or the Blechnum ferns. You will also observe a great variety of mammals and birds, particularly humpback whales, sea lions, fur seals, sea elephants, Magellan penguins, wild geese, ibises and cormorants, among others.


In search of whales of the strait of Magellan

2 nights / 1 day        –          Cruise code: FR1

Starting from  Usd 825 p/p

To the glaciers of D’Agostini Sound

2 days / 2 nights      –       Cruise code: FR2

Starting from  Usd 825 p/p




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Punta Arenas

Punta ArenasPunta Arenas (or Sandy Point in English) is the capital city of Chile’s southernmost region, overlooking the Straits of Magellan.  Punta Arenas reflects a great mix of cultures, from English sheep ranchers, Croatian settlers to Portuguese sailors, and it remains an utterly fascinating testament to the Chile’s rich history. Punta Arenas is also the starting Read more

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