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Both islands form an interesting ecosystem, making a fascinating place to visit, whereas Marta Island lodges more than 500 Sea lions, Cormorants, Skuas, Austral seagull, Antartic pigeon and Sea elephants. The Magdalena Island allows us to interact with one of the vastets colonies of Magellan Penguins (around 100.000 birds). During the navigation it is possible to sight Austral Dolphins and Overas Toninas (kind of dolphins).

In order to protect wild life, Marta Island only allows us to circumnavigate the island to admire and photograph the Colony and the diversity of marine birds that live there. However in Magdalena Island it is possible to disembark for about one hour, to walk and to interact with the colony and visit its Museum-Lighthouse.

Schedule: Everyday from Punta Arenas between October and March, depending on weather conditions.

Season: From October 1st until April 5th

Trip length: 4,30 hr

Passengers are recommended to wear the following garments and accessories:
– Warm clothes or thermal and waterproof wear
– Gloves
– Cap with earflaps
– Comfortable trekking shoes or boots (Not sandals at all)
– Personal backpack with bags inside for keeping items dry
– Sunglasses with UV protection
– A supply of sun cream of suitable factor for their skin

4. Reasons for cancelling the excursion
a) The travel program will vary depending on weather conditions. Maritime authorities can, at any time, cancel the trip program if navigation conditions are not proper for the boat to set sail.
b) The master or skipper of the boat can prevent any tourist from embarking if he considers it a risk for the passengers to aboard or if the tourist is not in good fitness and health conditions for the excursion.

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Punta Arenas

Punta ArenasPunta Arenas (or Sandy Point in English) is the capital city of Chile’s southernmost region, overlooking the Straits of Magellan.  Punta Arenas reflects a great mix of cultures, from English sheep ranchers, Croatian settlers to Portuguese sailors, and it remains an utterly fascinating testament to the Chile’s rich history. Punta Arenas is also the starting Read more

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